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Ecosphere is a wholly South African owned, independent environmental management services company based in Gauteng. We aid in environmental compliance. Environmental compliance involves ensuring that your organizations services and activities are compliant with environmental legal requirements and industry best practice.

What is the purpose of a Wetland assessment?

The purpose of a wetland assesment is an evaluation of wetland functions, values, benefits, and/or physical features.A Wetland Delineation is used to determine the outer edges of the wetland through a desktop assessment and site inspection. It is done in accordance with the Wetland Classification Systems (NWCS) developed by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Ollis et al 2013.

In need of a Wetland assessment?

Scenario: A residential development on the edge of a wetland
Solution: A full wetland assessment will evaluate the impact of the development on the wetland, and propose design and management measures to ensure that the needs of the environmental are integrated into the design of the development


Companies we have worked with:


Environmental Sciences

-Wetland Delineation
-Risk Assessment
-Flood Line Determination
-Rehabilitation Planning
-GIS Mapping

Monitoring and Compliance

-Environmental Control Officers
-Compliance Audits
-Legal Compliance Audits

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