•Environmental management plans/program (EMPr)

Ecosphere is a wholly South African owned, independent environmental management services company based in Gauteng. We aid in environmental compliance. Environmental compliance involves ensuring that your organizations services and activities are compliant with environmental legal requirements and industry best practice.

What is an EMPr?

An EMPr can be defined as an environmental management tool used to reduce or avoid the negative impacts on the project site and to enhance the positive benefits from the project.


•Ensure compliance with regulatory authority stipulations and guidelines.
•Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
•Identify the possible environmental impacts of the proposed activity.
•Identify a range of mitigation measures (minimise, mitigate, manage) which could reduce and mitigate the potential impacts to minimal or insignificant levels.
•Identify measures that could optimize beneficial impacts

In need of an EMPr?

Scenario: A fuel depot wants to increase it’s fuel storage capacity, but will still remain under the limit that requires authorisation.
Solution: Ecosphere can conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment in order to acquire an environmental authorization for the proposed development.Ecosphere can provide an environmental management plan to identify and mitigate any impacts on the natural environment.

Companies we have worked with:


Environmental Sciences

-Wetland Delineation
-Risk Assessment
-Flood Line Determination
-Rehabilitation Planning
-GIS Mapping

Monitoring and Compliance

-Environmental Control Officers
-Compliance Audits
-Legal Compliance Audits

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