•Environmental control officer (ECO)

Ecosphere is a wholly South African owned, independent environmental management services company based in Gauteng. We aid in environmental compliance where anthropogenic activities encounter the natural environment and design environmental sound solutions for our clients in the mining, municipal, industrial and agriculture sectors.

Role of an Environmental control officer (ECO)

An ECO plays an important role of monitoring compliance of the activities compiling environmental audits to check if the client is compliant with conditions that are set out in the environmental authorization and environmental management plan/programme. Audits may be conducted (weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and/or annually) for the client and for submission to the competent authority (CA) at intervals indicated by the CA.
Duties of an ECO

•Conducting site visits and inspections

•Monitor compliance with EA and EMPr

•Ensure environmental awareness

•Compiling the audit reports

•Providing advice and corrective actions on non-compliance

We offer tailor-made solutions

Scenario: A waste management facility has received environmental authorization to operate their waste facility/ undertake their waste management activities.
Solution: Ecosphere can conduct environmental audits to ensure that the waste management facility complies with the conditions set out in the EA and EMPr.

Companies we have worked with:


Environmental Sciences

-Wetland Delineation
-Risk Assessment
-Flood Line Determination
-Rehabilitation Planning
-GIS Mapping

Monitoring and Compliance

-Environmental Control Officers
-Compliance Audits
-Legal Compliance Audits

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